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This is all for FUUUU comics (or however you prefer to spell it). I find most of them on the internet, some are sent to me, etc. Let me know if I fail to give proper credit. Feel free to submit! Ask me anything. xoxo. Personal page.

Anonymous asked: You are the best! You get a fair amount of hate and I don't know why!! You have the best meme blog on Tumblr! You're creative, gorgeous, nice and sensitive to other's feelings. Applause to you, girl! you rock!

I really appreciate that! I don’t post many messages like this, but thank you so much.

I know I don’t post as much as other blogs do, but I have a really busy life and I still try to post funny ones! I don’t post a lot of the ones I see/get because I know it’s important to keep quality =D

I know this is disrelated, but please vote for this amazing couple to win a wedding after they donated their entire fund to Haiti! (Or else there will be many sad "fuuuu" faces)

 I am trying to help my friend Chelsea marry the love of her life Mike. They have been together and engaged for years and trying to have their dream wedding. They donated their wedding fund to Haiti during the disaster and I think that selfless move deserves any help they can get to this “contest” that yeahweddings is putting on so that they can win a wedding! If you could mention this to anyone, share it, or even put it on your page, the contest is nearly over and every vote counts.

http://www.yeahweddings.com/vote/chelseamike.html This is the link to vote and also to their story. 

 https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/602643_4139865617579_1150788934_n.jpg this is a flier they made that can be posted anywhere for inspiration to vote!

I know this is incredibly random, but it would mean the world to this couple if you helped them out. Thank you so much 

she’s real

she’s real

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Don’t you hate it when you type a long text and then forget to click into the text field?


youarejustbeautiful-deactivated asked: YOUR THEME?!?!?! Why did you change it?!?!?!?

I didn’t!! :) 

**** And to everyone who has been sending compliments and thank yous, THANK YOU!!!! I appreciate it so much, sorry I dont post all your questions :)